This course will cover hydrology and hydrogeology, the presence and movement of water both above ground and underground.  The course will emphasize concepts, numerical calculations and problem solving skills.  Case studies and fieldwork will be used to promote real world understanding of the subjects covered.  Specific topics will include:

  • The hydrologic cycle
  • Interactions of water, atmosphere, plants, and soils
  • Surface flow
  • Groundwater storage and supply
  • Groundwater flow
  • Groundwater contamination


  • Students will be able to explain and calculate major fluxes of the hydrologic cycle
  • Manipulate and analyze basic hydrologic data
  • Relate soil and site characteristics to the distribution of groundwater
  • Discuss and quantitatively model how and why groundwater moves
  • Apply quantitative skills for evaluating groundwater resources and problems
  • Evaluate groundwater supplies in terms of both quantity and quality


This is a 3 credit course with 2 hours of lab and 2 hours of lecture.  Typically, Tuesdays will be dedicated to lectures to learn new material and Wednesdays will be dedicated to labs or exercises to apply the material.